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 Buying AoE BP Gear

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Your Char
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PostSubject: Buying AoE BP Gear   June 30th 2010, 1:33 pm

Hey Adamant,

So I'm back, and I'm on the hunt for some good gear. Let me know if you have something to sell me, or if you know someone who is selling any of the items listed below.

Billst Set +10/28% HP [Stam Awakes]

Ultimate Bloody Knuckle +0-7 (6/6+) [Stam or Int Awakes]

Shield Awake 25+ Stam (Prefered higher level) [5/5+]

Any help at all is appreciated,

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PostSubject: Re: Buying AoE BP Gear   June 30th 2010, 4:49 pm

I'll keep an eye open for ya although u didnt sell me your set! Razz
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Buying AoE BP Gear
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