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 [Read that thread first] Recruitment Rules + Guild Guidelines

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PostSubject: [Read that thread first] Recruitment Rules + Guild Guidelines   October 3rd 2011, 7:17 pm

Welcome to Adamant guild forum

1 -The following is a brief explanation, about the guild policy and the rules you must follow, in order to make and aplication thread.

Follow the presentation below.
Level requirement minimum of 110+(fighters).
Don't ask for a reason when there is none given.
Do not register, you can make your aplication thread as a guest.
Don't ask if you're going to join or not. We'll give an answer to you.
Do not register, it will get denied unless you become a community member.
Deliverating process ends when any Moderator / Administrator determinates it.
After such process you aplication thread will get locked, therefore, you will be contacted through pm or ing mail.
Level requirement minimum of 95+RMs.
Curently we accpet Tower siege/Guild siege members
New members are not able to vote 1week after joining

Special System of ~Return~ : New players will be able to being recruit in game directly, they will wear as nickname the code D7. It means they got 7 days of testing period before decision of Kingpins and Leader.

2 - How to make a new aplication thread.

Hit the button.
Simply follow the presentation appended to this post.
A poll will be added in private section, like the one attached to this post, don't ask for one.
Set as title of your aplication thread your ING, + the sentence '' Wants to join Adamant''

3 - The presentation form.

-Your pseudo (Char Name):
-Your character level:
-Your character job:
-Your name:
-Your gender:
-Used Name change scroll:
-Your age:
-Your Location:
-Your Motivation:
-Your Other chars:
-Previous guilds:
-Why you want join our guild:
-Play Average Time (how many hours per day ):
-Comments* (Only If you have...):
-Type: " I read and accept these guidelines"

Please be sure you read the adamant guidlines before submitting the form, any flaw against these guidelines will be consider as a reason to get booted. ;-;

Read the guidelines posted below

P. S.: We keep the right to refuse some candidates and we don't need to explain why.

*The guildmembers usually appreciate it, if u could type a firm introduction about your person. That helps us to get to know you better and to decide on the vote.
Thank you for applying

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Female Number of posts : 3057
Age : 32
Registration date : 2010-01-31

Your Char
In Game Name: xNekita ex S0FI
Level: 144 Hero
Classe: Force Master

PostSubject: Rules   October 3rd 2011, 7:19 pm


The essential reason of theese guidelines is to avoid conflicts, we are looking for a peacefull guild and lot of fun with our members !!! We don't forget that flyff is a game and we arn't despots, we are just looking to make a better guild, and keep fun for our members.

Chapter 1: Rules

Art.1- Be polite and correct with others members, Adamant spirit is to be a team, that's why insults, racism or others discriminations are totally rejected !

Art. 2 - Help guild and support your friends and others members.

Art. 3- A member have to contribute items and penya to the guild .

Art. 4 - Members who left Adamant Guild [forever] will be bann from forum, without exeptions !

Art. 5 - Be active and check the forum, post in and participate to the guild's life.

Art. 6 - All new members have to be minimum of Master and have to be accepted by the great majority, guild master by a final decision, therefor will get the mention "TestPeriod" as nickname for 2 weeks, Allowing leadership team or players to take decisions if the new member its not fitting in the community.

Art. 7 - All new member will have to accept these guidelines. Then, in your post recruitement, will be added the sentence" I read and accept these guidelines".

Art. 7.1 - As for recruitment, all new members, In the ''-Why you want join our guild'' field of recruitment presentation, state a valid argument and the true motivation why you want to join, comments such as: ''I have many friends here'', ''I like it'', ''I will like to give it a try'', and so on, will be consider as lack of motivation, and your recruitment topic will get locked.

Art. 7.2 - Members who go off topic on recruitment threads will get their comments filtered and nullified.

Art. 7.3 - Members on recuitmentment threads that state negative votes, will have to explain the because of it. [In the topic related]

Art. 8 - About "Bussiness Quarters", price in , $ or another real money will not be accepted. Only penya/gpotatoes will be accepted !
So, I, or the others administrators, will first delete topic !! And if the problem is back again, we will automaticly bann without any sensibility all person who no respect this!!!

Art. 9 - No More Arena Drama will be accepted, privates messages are prefered, you must find a way to sort out between you guys, if problem persist contact by private message a leader and we will help out !

Art.10 - Sharing account with members from another guild will be translated in a direct kickage!

Art. 11 - Being a member, scamming any other guildmate of the Adamant community, will result in instant kick.

Art. 12 - Giving away guild private information, handled on guild chat / guild forum will be consider as a major flaw, and will have kick penalty, we trust you!

Art. 13 - Creating gossips about guild, defamating, and doing any activity that damages guild reputation, will have warn penalty, if repeated will get translated in booting.

- Never forget we are here "for fun" !!

Chapter 2 : Principles

Art.1 - 1 character per member in guild ! If you wish to join an ALT char you have to get the agreement from leadership before.

Art.2 - Most ancient members have preference in comparasion of new members.
[for example: We dont want an old member leave guild for a new member]

Art. 3 - Administrators and moderators on forum are allowed to cut, merge or delete topic to keep this forum safe !

Ps: Others simples rules like theese will probably be apply !

When you join Adamant Guild, you accept theese guidelines and by the way you have to respect it.

~~~Adamant Leadership~~~
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[Read that thread first] Recruitment Rules + Guild Guidelines
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